day 25: delicious treats and an adventure down stairs

sorry i haven't posted. i have taken pictures each day, however, so today i am left with no other choice but to write five blog posts. *sigh*. OK. well, here goes...

Friday i went to visit my brother, Seapoint Internet Marketing's own Bill. or, as i know him, my ugly brother bill (this isn't actually true, it's just an old childhood saying, that i do believe he came up with)

as always, i chose Friday because Friday is the day you can get out of this world eclairs from the Beach Pea. If you've never been there, go. but go on a Friday or Saturday because those are the only days of the week that i believe you can purchase these heavenly creations. let me tell you, the pastry puff seems to be made from a cloud they are so puffy and delicious, and the inside is filled with a cream i could die eating, and makes my mouth water just thinking and typing this out. i have to be careful not to slobber on the computer's keyboard over here. and then, to top it off, they cover the top with a cap of chocolate and drizzle white chocolate on top! gasp! gasp! gasp!

anyways. this is the pastry case there. it's this girl's dream come true.

by the way, if you've never tried organic white pomegranite tea. you should.