day 19: the super moon!

has anyone been out to check out the super moon this lovely evening? i have, and it's amazing. it brings back memories, because the last super moon i saw over the eiffel tower in france (miss that place). i heard that the peak would be around eleven thirty tonight. so if you live on the east coast, you've got just about a half an hour to make your popcorn and grab your lenses!

i really wanted to post one with a moon flare, because i am pretty well obsessed with flares of any kind in pictures, but this one came out a bit better than the ones with moon flares (a green dot in the picture that some would probably say, "oh! a UFO!" now you know where the tabloids get their pictures. jk. they don't get them from me).

and, side note, i saw a porcupine today! so cute! he lives under our shed, which my pops is NOT impressed with.