A Promise Is a Promise

So yesterday I told you all that I was tired and I would try harder to give you a more appealing photoshoot today. Well, that's what I hope I've done. I decided to experiment with the progression of things...

...well, I hope you enjoyed that. It amused me, at least. Here's an artsy view (if there ever was one) of the hot water faucet.

And look! There's my eye! That's the eye that sees the quirky pictures and then proceeds to take them and share them with you all!

...Interesting, you're probably thinking. Well, this is what happens when you give me a camera and a few editing photo magic effects! Crazy things!

Three more pictures before I leave tonight. This one I experimented a bit with the lighting. Not sure what I think yet. 

Hope you enjoyed the randominity! (Shh, it's a word in Audrey-land.)