day 88: when someone finally took my advice

july 11.

i like to think of myself as a creative thinker. maybe i'm not, but don't go bursting my bubble. anyways. the group was thinking of ditching the rental car and just taking another tour of dublin. this girl, however, stuck with the car idea, complaining the whole way about her poor wittle bum foot (haha), and succeeded in applying more pro's than con's to the situation, succeeding with a rental car, a cross-country roadtrip (and back! in ONE day!), and a pretty amazing spot to eat lunch.

where we went: the dingle peninsula.

what we saw: lots and lots of sky and green, green grass. also, lots of sheep.

just imagine miles and miles of this...amazing..

you just can't capture it. truly breathtaking. 

dr. who made an appearence ;)