reflective flowers

i love this time of year. except for the fact that winter's coming and allergies are flying high, it is a great time of year! soon, i plan on repeating last year's photo shoot with mom and dad, and i can't wait to capture those great colors we're soon to see all around us in the trees.

so, what have you been doing in the interim between summer and fall? september is one of my busier months, i mean, every month is busy, but september is just a tad busier than the others. although, this weekend i am taking off with a couple of my friends to go camping up north. and next weekend, my brother jack's coming to visit (and he's running a marathon! gasp!).

background on this photograph:

i love mirrored pictures (as you have probably noticed reading and viewing this blog, if you have followed this blog for any time at all), and today, i totally meant to bring my camera with me in my travels out, because there is this wicked neat dirt road with an old fence and yellow flowers quite like these, poking up all around. but, you guessed it, this girl's brain completely forgot, until halfway up to where i had to go, and you know, you can't turn around when you're late anyways. so, the photo will have to wait. hopefully i will remember thursday to trek my camera bag along with me to work (thursday readers, help me remember!).

last friday i came back to my car in a dark parking lot and found this pot of flowers on my windshield. i had the "oh it's from a secret admirer" smile for about ten seconds, when i realized they were from my dad. and then i had the "i have the sweetest dad" smile on. friday was a good day. saturday was, too. every day is a good day. you just have to find the good in it. i guess you could call it a scavenger hunt. some days the game is just a bit harder than others.

the second picture is a saying i heard and i liked it a lot. quite apropos with the above statement..

anyways. i hope you all are having a good week so far, and thanks for visiting!