summer vegetables

well, it's the end of summer (sad face), but the beginning of the crispness of autumn! although i will miss the warm feel of sun and the additional vitamin D it provides, windows down with my shades on, and the extra excuse to buy an ice cream cone "because it's summer", there are plenty of things to look forward to with fall approaching. in fact, today was, i believe, the first day that you could actually feel it in the air. that crisp, clean breeze that makes you want to pull out a cozy sweater and jeans, sip tea or cocoa, and sit and read a nice, long book. and (bonus!), there is the fact that the amazing colors are about to appear on the scene, especially here! i love bright colors anyways (just ask my friends or look at the clothes i wear on a daily basis), so these oranges, reds, and yellows, you can guess just make this girl happy. i will try not to think about the winter coming. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

so, anywho, there are a few photographs i will share with you today from my recent explorations outside of instagram. 

the first is a photo of our pepper from the garden! doesn't it look delicious? well, it was :)