Photo Challenge Day 25: Soft

   okay so i got bored with posting these on instagram, so i figured i would post the last week of the photo challenge on here, since i never post on here {though i always intend to!} so, what's been going on since my last post here? nothing much. just random little things. just life, like the rest of you readers. i can't wait until it's spring and the flowers and the greens and the blue skies start returning, for tonight, though, there is snow forecasted and the weather has been chilly.

   so here's the day's photo challenge. if i'm good i'll think tomorrow & post tomorrow's...but...you know me..

   this is my cat. she's made an appearance on the blog before but i thought that since she's pretty soft and the post theme today was soft, what a perfect combination! although the lighting in the room was too bright, so she's actually darker than this photograph.