different cameras

The other day I told you readers about my first camera. Today I thought I would showcase them all together for you. They are always taking the pictures, so I thought I would take some of their pictures (that sounded a WHOLE lot better in my head).

My first camera, as I think I told you, was a Canon PowerShot a510. My dad bought it for me when I was fourteen, and I thought it was the best. I probably took 10,000 shots on it, mostly duds. I documented one of my brother's weddings, my nephew's day of being born, thousands of him through his little years, crawling, standing, sleeping, eating spaghetti, etc. I took it to France and shot the Eiffel tower. I took it on my senior high school trip to Boston, MA, and it documented the first Polar Bear Club I participated in, three years ago.

My second camera isn't really mine. It's actually on a long-term loan from my father. It's his camera, but he generously let me borrow it. It's another Canon. It's a PowerShot a540. The thing I really like about this camera as opposed to my other PowerShot is the fact that it does color swap and color accent.

Then my third camera is a Canon EOS Rebel t3. I fondly call it "The Rebel." When I talk about true love, I talk about this camera and I. I haven't taken it overseas, YET. This summer I am going on an escapade over to Ireland, Scotland, and England, and this baby is sure going to be slung around my neck. I am going to embrace the stereotypical tourist cliche, to the MAX. You'll be seeing lots and lots of colorful pics, I hope. 

And then we have my phone camera. It's an Atrix, and it takes pretty decent pictures. In fact, that's one of the major reasons why I picked this phone. I've showcased a few of it's pictures here on the blog in the past. 

So there you have it. My cameras through the years. 

And then we have this little guy....
I picked this keychain out in Paris, in a little shop near the Louvre. It actually has a miniature shutter button that makes a snapshot sound when you press it, and the flash goes off! It's a great prank to play, since almost every time I've pointed it at my friends and pressed the button, they've asked if it actually took a picture. Yes, prime stalker material here, folks. 
They say there are Nikon people and Canon people. Though I have picked up my brother's (super nice) Nikon, I think I would definitely peg myself a die-hard Canon person. 

Hope you all have a great day!