Comes in Handy~1~Grandma's Hands

I didn't think she was going to go for it. My mother must get not liking her picture taken from my grandmother, because Grandma hates having her picture taken, as well. I couldn't say I blame her. When I look back at candid shots, I think to myself, and I thought I looked good that day?

Somehow, I overcame my usual shyness when it comes to snapping photographs in public and asked her for a photograph of her hands. She told me no at first, but after a few polite asks she acquiesced. While I was snapping (a whole two pictures) she told me about how she used to be a nurse. I was filled with a new admiration of the woman, as I always am when she reminisces about her past. It makes me smile when she smiles, since I know those are rare commodities for her these days. She has been legally blind for the past few years. I can't imagine not being able to look through my camera's lens and see the colors of the world around me, to live in the darkness. I admire her for the ways she has learned to adapt to her loss of sight. I admire those who live without sight. They have a true talent and appreciation for the things we take for granted every day.