New Blog Feature...

Best of Instagram

{august edition}

   So I came up with a cool {i think} idea for my blog. Every beginning of the month, my first post for the month will be my favorite and your favorite posts from my instagram page from the previous month. 

   As you may {or may not} know, I love instagram. What young lady doesn't? But I'm going to spare you the duckfaces and bathroom selfies {although once in a great while i have posted a bathroom selfie}. 

   Here's what the post will include:

~My followers top three pictures from the prior month

followed by:

~My personal top three favorite pictures

   I hope you like the results!

Your Favorite 3:

1}this one beat out the others by a landslide. it is quite possibly the biggest rice crispie treat i have ever seen:

2} lakeside.

3} day at the beach...my favorite part of this one is the seagull photobomb. good job, seagull.

My Favorite 3:

1} the rebel...

2} my little pal: 

3} signs.